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Author: Dixie

Get to know Mimmi

My name is Mimmi Selin and I run the attack-shop. Attack is a sustainable e-commerce with a collection of selected vintage for your home, ready for some new love.

I have always been interested in home decoration and creating a unique feeling in the home with unique things. A few years ago, the vintage world opened up for me and I totally fell in love. In the beginning it was difficult to orientate through all the shelves and dust but with a now trained eye it has become easier.

I want to give my customers an easier way to create a sustainable and personal style.

I’m originally a chef with a burning passion for the person’s experience in the interaction between food and atmosphere – I think it is something you can almost imagine among all the products I release. vintage is the new black and I have a lot of plans ahead, good things come to those who wait!😁

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Get to know Mikaela

My name is Mikaela Puranen and I’m a potter and marine biologist from Stockholm.
I’m currently working in a studio in the old porcelain factory in Gustavsberg where I mostly make functional pottery, such as mugs, bowls, vases, plates, etc.

I’m really fascinated by the relationship we have with ceramics, and how we interact with ceramic tableware. I’m also excited by the endless possibilities with clay.

It will probably take a lifetime to explore all the techniques and materials I’m interested in, just in the field of ceramics.
I love trying new techniques and styles, which is why a lot of my ceramics are one of a kinds, although I do have some regulars like my feminist mugs.
I strive to make sustainable choices in material choices and wherever I can in my practice.♻️🌺

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Get to know Antonia

My name is Antonia and I’m a self-taught pyrographer.

Pyrography is drawing with the fire. It is a unique technique different from carving and from inking, it is like tattooing a piece of wood (I am pretty sure it doesn’t feel pain though). This story starts back in 2016 even though the very seed was planted many years before I guess.

My inner self was screaming with fear and anger about how stressed and frustrated I was at that time and it was only for a fortunate coincidence that I ended up plugging in my very first super cheap pyrographer which helped me relieve so much pressure.
It was love. And then hate. And love again…. And it’s still like this, a rollercoaster with no half measures.

Then I moved to another country, registered my activity as a proper business and now I am 100% committed to it.
Life in Sweden is so much more different from what I was used to. The slow paced rhythm helped me immediately to reconnect with a more healthy and sustainable life.

Living more outside is a great source of inspiration and ideas, where nature and animals are the most common and loved subjects.
I don’t know anything about marketing and how to sell my art but I am trying to figure all the problems out while I go in what is an infinite learning curve made out of mistakes, satisfaction, frustration, joy, respect…
Although all the difficulties (including find wood from sustainable sources and protect myself from CO2 among others), pyrography is such an interesting way to make art and create beautiful objects so I keep going.

Now I have a professional pyrographer, I draw better and wear a protective mask, but I have still so much more to learn and I couldn’t be happier.😁

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Get to know Björn

Hello! I’m Björn.
My practice concerns itself with fashion, textiles, fine art and sustainability. Through it I explore human relationships, the relationships we have with each other, with the material world, with ourselves and with nature.

As a LGBTQIA+ person having grown up in the countryside surrounded by forests and animals, perhaps the seedlings of my practice were planted already then. Fashion and textiles are my chosen focus, not because I want to make people feel beautiful but because the materials speak to me and I want to make humans and non-humans thrive.

Thriving is different from feeling beautiful.

For us all and our planet to thrive we need to understand, and perhaps recalibrate, our relationships so that everyone is able to thrive with each other sustainably. So come along and join my journey towards fashion and textiles that thrives.

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Get to know Stina

Jag heter Stina och är the one and only bakom Stina Suai där jag designar och tillverkar smycken i mässing och silver. Det är ju långt ifrån den enda som behövs göra då man driver eget företag så det jag mest gör är att marknadsför mig via sociala medier och fixar med min hemsida

Att göra smycken har varit en stor del av mitt liv länge men just den stilen jag gör idag är ett resultat av att tröttna på allt jag tidigare skapade som ledde till att jag inte gjorde ett enda smycke under 2 år. Under den tiden arrangerade jag designmarknader i alla dess former.

När jag väl var redo att göra dom smyckena jag drömt om så länge gjorde jag en kollektion som jag döpte till Fuck perfect och på den vägen har allt tagit ny fart. Det är något mkt befriande att möta andra i den känslan att man inte behöver vara perfekt, att det till och med är otroligt tråkigt med allt som är perfekt.❤️

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Get to know Irina

It all started with a camera. I had just turned 15 and my parents bought me a little digital olympus camera. I brought that camera with me everywhere; it was a way to not only express myself but also document little moments in time, a way to remember them by. I guess I’ve always been nostalgic..

While working as a freelance photographer for over a decade, I managed to pick up some other passions and creative outlets through the years. First came the art of folding paper, Origami. Then I fell for Macramé. And seeing as I’m a crazy plant lady I guess it was just a matter of time until I discovered that I could create my own plantshelfies and plant pots + vases!

I’ve always been curious, enjoyed working with my hands and wanted to do things my way, so learning all of these skills, techniques and crafts has been a challenging pleasure for me.

Basically everything I do I’ve taught myself, all except for the woodwork; luckily I have a handy father who has taught me how to use tools properly. After we built my first (and largest) tree shelf together some 7 years ago, I was basically hooked on wood.

Today I am a small business woman, designing and creating beautiful and practical home decor that showcases all the skills I have acquired as well as my love of nature and geometry. I strive to work as sustainably as I can and thus use recycled cotton and other materials, FSC certified wood as well as used items for my creations. All pieces are handmade and therefore unique.
I hope you enjoy them.
House of Leaves Design

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Get to know Kaya

I always loved playing alone.” I grew up on the countryside, surrounded by untouched nature, unlimited space and a lot of imagination. My mother was an artistic creative who could draw or knit the most beautiful things and my father was a problem-solving handyman who could build anything imaginable, so for me creating and making was always a big part of my life.

I think I could thread a needle before I even could spell my own name

My mother was a stay at home mom, so I never went to kindergarten, and since there was not many other kids living in our village I quickly learned to play by myself, so my imagination became my closest friend, and playing for me was equal with creating and making up stories. I think I could thread a needle before I even could spell my own name, and by the age of 4 or 5 I could spend hour after hour in my room, sewing pieces of fabric together to make a dress, before I went outside to play dress up and imagine that I was a princess. Sometimes my dad also helped me to build a castle. I never stopped creating, but as I grew older I struggled a bit with the alone part. I started school and learned that being alone was weird. I had to learn to play with others. Sometimes I had to share my creativity and sometimes push it down. But I never stopped creating. What I’ve done by starting my company, is that I have created a grown-up version of my childhood. On a daily basis I spend hours and hours of creating something beautiful, just to go outside, play a little dress up and tell a story. The only difference is that now the story comes alive in form of a photoshoot together with a talented team, I sometimes get payed for playing and nobody tells me when to go to bed at night. I still love playing alone, and my dad still helps me build castles.”