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Slow Business with Whisk

Whisked away !! Slow business tips from Whisk

Talking with Dina about cupcakes , balked goods and slow business was like a dream come true for me! I’ve been folowing Whisk foe some time now and have been so curious to hear more about her vision and core values. 

I learned from Dina that having a sustainable product is not enough , getting curious into all areas of the “back end ” of your business is just as important! 

To learn more about Whisk visit their website:

Interview with Soliplants

Talking plants with Tobias

I really enjoy interviewing people in business and industries that  i’m not so familirar with. 

Soliplants is located at Telefonplan in Stockholm and not to far from where i live and i’ve walked past their beautuful showroom almost everyday..

 I’ve been curious to know more about how the plant industry tackles issues around sustainability and Tobias shed some light on that topic.

To learn more about Soliplants visit their website:


Video chat with Handmade in Norway

Petra from Slow Creations

´m Petra, a.k.a. slow creations in my artistic and crafty practice. I´m primarily doing natural dyeing on fabrics and creating images (photos etc). I live next door to TOS in Hornstull.
I primarily do natural dyeing on fabrics and create images (photos etc). I´m really excited to be a part of TOS, and so much looking forward to TOS market and things in connection to the markets. To meet Dixie has been such an experience for me, so grateful we have you here in Stockholm!
Also very curious to meet everyone else in this amaizng community!? My background is the first academic level natural dyeing course in Sweden (2014), since 2015 I´ve been given workshops.
I do workshops and lecturing at art/craft education sites on bundle dyeing, I also design and sew some clothing.
I´m active in other places outside of Sweden, sometimes in Berlin or anywhere someone want me to give a workshop. I´m also a proud team member of @refashionrefood and also active within the amazing sustainable and open source @easypiececollab concept by Runa Juhanisdotter, who´s a real gift to the planet.
To work site-specific is important for me so I collect waste such as onion skins, fallen petals and avocado skins as well as rusty things in my surroundings, the urban nature.
I feel a connection to the long history of natural dyeing?
To collaborate is vital to me and I´m thus dyeing t-shirts on order for clients to my favorite band @bobhund and have had other collabs with musicians as well, alswas curouis to reach out to new exciting contexts!
For me, natural dyeing is not only good for the environment and fun, it’s a journey that makes room for slow processes, something for anyone struggling with the monster of perfectionism and their own inner control freak… I think we need this in our hectic time.❤️

Instagram : @slowcreations

Get to know Lair

Lair is founded by Stockholm based design duo; Katrin Romare and Johanna Tosi.
We started out in 2016 by our own desire to create bags locally with zero waste far away from commercial requirements, over-sea production and mass consumption.
Being two creative souls with years in the fast-fashion Industry we felt fed up! It was time to try something different and to start to create mindful products close to our hearts and explore new ways to approach fashion, like rental service and conscious made to order purchases.

Based in Stockholm with no desire to use virgin material or travel to factories far away, we found our perfect “lair” – a local factory owned by a passionate man, with vintage machines and a stock of random pieces of production leftover leather from Swedish and Italian tanneries.
This place became our paradise and the brand LAIR was created there and then.
Lately our focus has been to highlight and promote the possibility of bringing back production to Sweden and to cherish and support local fashion brands. With the Corona crisis this movement feels even more important than ever ❤️

Instagram: @lairofficialsthlm


Get to know Caroline

Hi, I’m Caroline and I’m one of the persons that are behind the TOS-market. ?

I’m from a textile family from Borås and when I saw the Other Side market it all came together in a good mix for me.

I love circular , design, and loppis. I was curious and wanted to engage in this, so I wrote to Dixie and asked for a coffee:) For a connecting & creative person like myself, this market is a real opportunity and Im really looking forward to meet you all IRL but for now when the situation in the world rapidly has changed we will work in a digital way to support the market. (and more information to come ?)

We believe in doing things together and collaborate as a core. It will be fun. Join us!

Follow Caroline on Istagram: @caroline.gadd

Get to know Anna

Jag som driver Another Living heter Anna Elsbacher. Jag har arbetat som Visual merchandiser och med försäljning inom mode och inredning på flera stora kedjeföretag i över 20 år. Ett kreativt och roligt arbete men något inom mig har dock alltid skavt.
Jag har inte riktigt kunnat stå för den rådande konsumtionshetsen och dess negativa påverkan på miljön.♻️ 2018 fick jag diagnosen cancer och min värld vändes upp och ner. Jag landade i nya insikter och parallellt med att jag förstod att jag måste ta hand om min kropp bättre insåg jag att jag vill göra något gott för jorden och miljön. Allt hänger ihop.

Jag startade Another Living i september 2019. Konceptet är att sälja handplockade vintage möbler och inredning. Att ta tillvara äldre möbler av god kvalitet och ge dem en uppdatering och en ny chans. Another Living för möblerna helt enkelt!

Jag erbjuder även homestyling och inredning av hem och kontor i återbruksanda.
Genom att inreda med återbruk och vintage istället för att köpa nya massproducerade möbler värnar vi om vår jord. Många av de möbler jag säljer har över hundra år på nacken och de kan leva minst lika länge till. Mer än man kan säga om de möbler som säljs i stora upplagor idag.
Jag vill få fler människor att handla begagnat genom att styla möblerna på ett nytt sätt som tilltalar många.
Jag har ingen fysisk butik utan försäljning sker via min hemsida

Visit Anna on Instagram:

Get to know Cassandre

My name is Cassandre, I’m a seamstress and fashion designer based in Stockholm.

I’ve launched my first fashion brand IELLOV in March 2019, which offers sustainable outerwear made from organic wool and leftovers fabrics.
I’ve being aware of the climate change that is surrounding us since I was kid, so for me it is important to create a product that won’t harm the nature.
Since my first step in sewing, every leftovers from my mother’s atelier, every rocks, feathers, and pearls was turned into clothes and bags, and even if I bought a new piece of fabric, it should be from an organic and quality material. Nothing should be wasted !

Also, I care deeply about the quality of the cutting and the sewing, because I think personaly that all clothes should embrace our morphology and should last a lifetime.Today I continue to do the same process.

I want to propose for you the best quality fabrics, and an outerwear made in the most sustainable and durable way.

As massive producing is not a key word of my approach, all garnents are made by order and take in consideration your size and morphologie ! >>To order your coat, contact me via my email or via Instagram DM >>Do not hesitate to Ask me questions about my work❤️

Follow Cassandre on Instagram: @cass_iellov

Vist her website:

Get to know Mimmi

My name is Mimmi Selin and I run the attack-shop. Attack is a sustainable e-commerce with a collection of selected vintage for your home, ready for some new love.

I have always been interested in home decoration and creating a unique feeling in the home with unique things. A few years ago, the vintage world opened up for me and I totally fell in love. In the beginning it was difficult to orientate through all the shelves and dust but with a now trained eye it has become easier.

I want to give my customers an easier way to create a sustainable and personal style.

I’m originally a chef with a burning passion for the person’s experience in the interaction between food and atmosphere – I think it is something you can almost imagine among all the products I release. vintage is the new black and I have a lot of plans ahead, good things come to those who wait!?

Follow Mimmi on Instagram: @shopattackshop


Get to know Mikaela

My name is Mikaela Puranen and I’m a potter and marine biologist from Stockholm.
I’m currently working in a studio in the old porcelain factory in Gustavsberg where I mostly make functional pottery, such as mugs, bowls, vases, plates, etc.

I’m really fascinated by the relationship we have with ceramics, and how we interact with ceramic tableware. I’m also excited by the endless possibilities with clay.

It will probably take a lifetime to explore all the techniques and materials I’m interested in, just in the field of ceramics.
I love trying new techniques and styles, which is why a lot of my ceramics are one of a kinds, although I do have some regulars like my feminist mugs.
I strive to make sustainable choices in material choices and wherever I can in my practice.♻️?

Follow Mikaela on Instagram: @mikaelapuranen

And visit website:

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