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Get to know Antonia

My name is Antonia and I’m a self-taught pyrographer.

Pyrography is drawing with the fire. It is a unique technique different from carving and from inking, it is like tattooing a piece of wood (I am pretty sure it doesn’t feel pain though). This story starts back in 2016 even though the very seed was planted many years before I guess.

My inner self was screaming with fear and anger about how stressed and frustrated I was at that time and it was only for a fortunate coincidence that I ended up plugging in my very first super cheap pyrographer which helped me relieve so much pressure.
It was love. And then hate. And love again…. And it’s still like this, a rollercoaster with no half measures.

Then I moved to another country, registered my activity as a proper business and now I am 100% committed to it.
Life in Sweden is so much more different from what I was used to. The slow paced rhythm helped me immediately to reconnect with a more healthy and sustainable life.

Living more outside is a great source of inspiration and ideas, where nature and animals are the most common and loved subjects.
I don’t know anything about marketing and how to sell my art but I am trying to figure all the problems out while I go in what is an infinite learning curve made out of mistakes, satisfaction, frustration, joy, respect…
Although all the difficulties (including find wood from sustainable sources and protect myself from CO2 among others), pyrography is such an interesting way to make art and create beautiful objects so I keep going.

Now I have a professional pyrographer, I draw better and wear a protective mask, but I have still so much more to learn and I couldn’t be happier.😁

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