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Get to know Björn

Hello! I’m Björn.
My practice concerns itself with fashion, textiles, fine art and sustainability. Through it I explore human relationships, the relationships we have with each other, with the material world, with ourselves and with nature.

As a LGBTQIA+ person having grown up in the countryside surrounded by forests and animals, perhaps the seedlings of my practice were planted already then. Fashion and textiles are my chosen focus, not because I want to make people feel beautiful but because the materials speak to me and I want to make humans and non-humans thrive.

Thriving is different from feeling beautiful.

For us all and our planet to thrive we need to understand, and perhaps recalibrate, our relationships so that everyone is able to thrive with each other sustainably. So come along and join my journey towards fashion and textiles that thrives.

Follow Björns Instagram, : @studiobjorn

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