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Get to know Cassandre

My name is Cassandre, I’m a seamstress and fashion designer based in Stockholm.

I’ve launched my first fashion brand IELLOV in March 2019, which offers sustainable outerwear made from organic wool and leftovers fabrics.
I’ve being aware of the climate change that is surrounding us since I was kid, so for me it is important to create a product that won’t harm the nature.
Since my first step in sewing, every leftovers from my mother’s atelier, every rocks, feathers, and pearls was turned into clothes and bags, and even if I bought a new piece of fabric, it should be from an organic and quality material. Nothing should be wasted !

Also, I care deeply about the quality of the cutting and the sewing, because I think personaly that all clothes should embrace our morphology and should last a lifetime.Today I continue to do the same process.

I want to propose for you the best quality fabrics, and an outerwear made in the most sustainable and durable way.

As massive producing is not a key word of my approach, all garnents are made by order and take in consideration your size and morphologie ! >>To order your coat, contact me via my email or via Instagram DM >>Do not hesitate to Ask me questions about my work❤️

Follow Cassandre on Instagram: @cass_iellov

Vist her website:

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