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Get to know Irina

It all started with a camera. I had just turned 15 and my parents bought me a little digital olympus camera. I brought that camera with me everywhere; it was a way to not only express myself but also document little moments in time, a way to remember them by. I guess I’ve always been nostalgic..

While working as a freelance photographer for over a decade, I managed to pick up some other passions and creative outlets through the years. First came the art of folding paper, Origami. Then I fell for Macramé. And seeing as I’m a crazy plant lady I guess it was just a matter of time until I discovered that I could create my own plantshelfies and plant pots + vases!

I’ve always been curious, enjoyed working with my hands and wanted to do things my way, so learning all of these skills, techniques and crafts has been a challenging pleasure for me.

Basically everything I do I’ve taught myself, all except for the woodwork; luckily I have a handy father who has taught me how to use tools properly. After we built my first (and largest) tree shelf together some 7 years ago, I was basically hooked on wood.

Today I am a small business woman, designing and creating beautiful and practical home decor that showcases all the skills I have acquired as well as my love of nature and geometry. I strive to work as sustainably as I can and thus use recycled cotton and other materials, FSC certified wood as well as used items for my creations. All pieces are handmade and therefore unique.
I hope you enjoy them.
House of Leaves Design

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