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Get to know Kaya

I always loved playing alone.” I grew up on the countryside, surrounded by untouched nature, unlimited space and a lot of imagination. My mother was an artistic creative who could draw or knit the most beautiful things and my father was a problem-solving handyman who could build anything imaginable, so for me creating and making was always a big part of my life.

I think I could thread a needle before I even could spell my own name

My mother was a stay at home mom, so I never went to kindergarten, and since there was not many other kids living in our village I quickly learned to play by myself, so my imagination became my closest friend, and playing for me was equal with creating and making up stories. I think I could thread a needle before I even could spell my own name, and by the age of 4 or 5 I could spend hour after hour in my room, sewing pieces of fabric together to make a dress, before I went outside to play dress up and imagine that I was a princess. Sometimes my dad also helped me to build a castle. I never stopped creating, but as I grew older I struggled a bit with the alone part. I started school and learned that being alone was weird. I had to learn to play with others. Sometimes I had to share my creativity and sometimes push it down. But I never stopped creating. What I’ve done by starting my company, is that I have created a grown-up version of my childhood. On a daily basis I spend hours and hours of creating something beautiful, just to go outside, play a little dress up and tell a story. The only difference is that now the story comes alive in form of a photoshoot together with a talented team, I sometimes get payed for playing and nobody tells me when to go to bed at night. I still love playing alone, and my dad still helps me build castles.”

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