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Get to know Lair

Lair is founded by Stockholm based design duo; Katrin Romare and Johanna Tosi.
We started out in 2016 by our own desire to create bags locally with zero waste far away from commercial requirements, over-sea production and mass consumption.
Being two creative souls with years in the fast-fashion Industry we felt fed up! It was time to try something different and to start to create mindful products close to our hearts and explore new ways to approach fashion, like rental service and conscious made to order purchases.

Based in Stockholm with no desire to use virgin material or travel to factories far away, we found our perfect “lair” – a local factory owned by a passionate man, with vintage machines and a stock of random pieces of production leftover leather from Swedish and Italian tanneries.
This place became our paradise and the brand LAIR was created there and then.
Lately our focus has been to highlight and promote the possibility of bringing back production to Sweden and to cherish and support local fashion brands. With the Corona crisis this movement feels even more important than ever ❤️

Instagram: @lairofficialsthlm


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