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Get to know Mimmi

My name is Mimmi Selin and I run the attack-shop. Attack is a sustainable e-commerce with a collection of selected vintage for your home, ready for some new love.

I have always been interested in home decoration and creating a unique feeling in the home with unique things. A few years ago, the vintage world opened up for me and I totally fell in love. In the beginning it was difficult to orientate through all the shelves and dust but with a now trained eye it has become easier.

I want to give my customers an easier way to create a sustainable and personal style.

I’m originally a chef with a burning passion for the person’s experience in the interaction between food and atmosphere – I think it is something you can almost imagine among all the products I release. vintage is the new black and I have a lot of plans ahead, good things come to those who wait!?

Follow Mimmi on Instagram: @shopattackshop


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