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Petra from Slow Creations

´m Petra, a.k.a. slow creations in my artistic and crafty practice. I´m primarily doing natural dyeing on fabrics and creating images (photos etc). I live next door to TOS in Hornstull.
I primarily do natural dyeing on fabrics and create images (photos etc). I´m really excited to be a part of TOS, and so much looking forward to TOS market and things in connection to the markets. To meet Dixie has been such an experience for me, so grateful we have you here in Stockholm!
Also very curious to meet everyone else in this amaizng community!? My background is the first academic level natural dyeing course in Sweden (2014), since 2015 I´ve been given workshops.
I do workshops and lecturing at art/craft education sites on bundle dyeing, I also design and sew some clothing.
I´m active in other places outside of Sweden, sometimes in Berlin or anywhere someone want me to give a workshop. I´m also a proud team member of @refashionrefood and also active within the amazing sustainable and open source @easypiececollab concept by Runa Juhanisdotter, who´s a real gift to the planet.
To work site-specific is important for me so I collect waste such as onion skins, fallen petals and avocado skins as well as rusty things in my surroundings, the urban nature.
I feel a connection to the long history of natural dyeing?
To collaborate is vital to me and I´m thus dyeing t-shirts on order for clients to my favorite band @bobhund and have had other collabs with musicians as well, alswas curouis to reach out to new exciting contexts!
For me, natural dyeing is not only good for the environment and fun, it’s a journey that makes room for slow processes, something for anyone struggling with the monster of perfectionism and their own inner control freak… I think we need this in our hectic time.❤️

Instagram : @slowcreations

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