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A Christmas bird
A Christmas bird 11 cm long brings a festive mood and just looks good!
New Sold By Asya
Custom rubber stamps
I make custom hand-carved rubber stamps such as logo stamps, branding stamps, which are very handy when it comes to packaging your products. I also make custom personalised stamps such ...
New Sold By savsan
Five velvety Christmas stars
Five Christmas stars are soft and safe for those whose small kids are very interested in Christmas tree decorations sparkly and shiny for those who love miracles gentle and natural ...
New Sold By Asya
Grytlappar i olika färger, virkade med dubbla sidor. Ca 18 x 18 cm Vi tar swish      
New Sold By Annelie
Beställ din julduk i 100% lin med dansande nissar lagom till julhelgen. Bredden på duken är 150 cm men längden bestämmer du.
New Sold By kIki freese
juldukning med NISSAR eller KOTTAR
Duka julbordet med festremsor och brickor. Festremsan är en smal löpare för dekoration av matbord till fest och högtid. Festremsan är 20 cm bred och finns  i olika längder från ...
New Sold By kIki freese
julfint med STENSÖTA
"Stensöta" finns som handduk och löpare, printad på ett melerat lin som ger ett litet mer rustikt intryck. Beställ önskad längd på löparen.
New Sold By kIki freese
Noble blue unicorn
Miss unicorn with royal lily embroidery on the chest and a set of clothes (pants, an embroided top, a cape, a skirt and boots). I chose a set of clothing ...
New Sold By Asya
Small embroidered linen bag
Here are the bags made from washed linen or muslin with embroidery. Perfect for storing nuts, dry apples, mushrooms, keeping little toys, delicates, accessories or giving presents in! 15 x ...
New Sold By Asya
Vertical garlands
A vertical garland is perfect for decorating a nursery. Gentle and sparkly, proved to bring a fairy tale mood!  
New Sold By Asya