All Black Notebook (A5)


Thinker, memory keeper, or brainstormer, we are very happy you have decided to join our tribe.

Enperfeitas notebooks are handmade and handsewn with traditional and contemporary bookbinding techniques. Either for simple notes or multiple media drawings, our notebooks make sure you get the right experience.

We use certified paper and make smart environmental decisions in regards to which materials we use on the assembling of the notebook.

Made in my small working space, this notebook is a result of my love and fascination for bookbinding. I hope you enjoy the new moments of mindfulness that await you.

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CopticBind notebooks are composed of hardcover material.


Standard size: 145 x 200 mm (A5)

192 pages 

Spine stitched to cardboard

Page layout is blank

Paper is black with 120g

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