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Petra from Slow Creations

´m Petra, a.k.a. slow creations in my artistic and crafty practice. I´m primarily doing natural dyeing on fabrics and creating images (photos etc). I live next door to TOS in Hornstull.I primarily do natural dyeing on fabrics and create images (photos etc). I´m really excited to be a part of TOS, and so much looking…
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Get to know Lair

Lair is founded by Stockholm based design duo; Katrin Romare and Johanna Tosi.We started out in 2016 by our own desire to create bags locally with zero waste far away from commercial requirements, over-sea production and mass consumption.Being two creative souls with years in the fast-fashion Industry we felt fed up! It was time to try…
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Get to know Caroline

Hi, I’m Caroline and I’m one of the persons that are behind the TOS-market. 😁 I’m from a textile family from Borås and when I saw the Other Side market it all came together in a good mix for me. I love circular , design, and loppis. I was curious and wanted to engage in…
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Get to know Anna

Jag som driver Another Living heter Anna Elsbacher. Jag har arbetat som Visual merchandiser och med försäljning inom mode och inredning på flera stora kedjeföretag i över 20 år. Ett kreativt och roligt arbete men något inom mig har dock alltid skavt.Jag har inte riktigt kunnat stå för den rådande konsumtionshetsen och dess negativa påverkan…
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Get to know Cassandre

My name is Cassandre, I’m a seamstress and fashion designer based in Stockholm. I’ve launched my first fashion brand IELLOV in March 2019, which offers sustainable outerwear made from organic wool and leftovers fabrics.I’ve being aware of the climate change that is surrounding us since I was kid, so for me it is important to…
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Get to know Mimmi

My name is Mimmi Selin and I run the attack-shop. Attack is a sustainable e-commerce with a collection of selected vintage for your home, ready for some new love. I have always been interested in home decoration and creating a unique feeling in the home with unique things. A few years ago, the vintage world…
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Get to know Mikaela

My name is Mikaela Puranen and I’m a potter and marine biologist from Stockholm.I’m currently working in a studio in the old porcelain factory in Gustavsberg where I mostly make functional pottery, such as mugs, bowls, vases, plates, etc. I’m really fascinated by the relationship we have with ceramics, and how we interact with ceramic…
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Get to know Antonia

My name is Antonia and I’m a self-taught pyrographer. Pyrography is drawing with the fire. It is a unique technique different from carving and from inking, it is like tattooing a piece of wood (I am pretty sure it doesn’t feel pain though). This story starts back in 2016 even though the very seed was…
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